Lynne Wilkins, singer-songwriter and musician currently a member of the band Twisted Timber, and one-half of the duo WilkieMac with Michael Mackinnon, but also finds time to make the occasional solo appearance.  In the early years of her acoustic music career Wilkins (nee Lynne Bradstock, formerly Lynne Thompson) performed her own material as well as traditional and contemporary music, at venues such as the Poles Apart Folk Club, Varsity Folk Club, and other New Zealand venues.  Lynne Wilkins has supported both overseas and local performers.

Moving to Raglan shortly after the birth of her daughter, Wilkins worked with other like-minded individuals to start a music performance club that met once a month to allow participants to hone their stage skills and try out new compositions. A desire to expand her music skills included the completion of a graduate level creative writing course at Waikato University, which provided fresh inspiration for lyric writing, and resulted in Lynne’s contribution of a song for the Spiralyrics CD Acoustic Magic, and later the release of a collection of tracks recorded by Dan Howard on a short-run CD Limited Edition.  Wilkins has since developed half-day and full-day lyric-writing workshops Stories in Song.

Being a musician and songwriter means that you are always on a journey. There is always a rhyme to find, a scale or chord to learn, or a new instrument or technique to conquer. Wilkins has engaged in quite diverse music activities including playing bass in a local rock band, and participating in Celtic flute workshops to learn more about the instrument at Ceol Aneas, and these opportunities have been inspirational.  Wilkins together with partner Michael are currently the organisers for an irish music session in Raglan.

Lynne Wilkins has been involved in a number of recording projects and bands.  In 2005 Wilkins recorded with Anne Taylor on her independently released CD Simple....  Wilkins has performed with Anne since 2003 in various line-ups including Raglan band Caringo, and, more recently, Anne’s originals band Glyde. 

Earlier music line-ups Wilkins has participated in include a duo with former husband Chris Thompson (billed as Chris & Lynne Thompson), resulting in the release of two tracks on the Auckland Acoustics compilation, two albums as a duo (on Ode Records) Together and Live in Concert, and supporting vocals and flute on Chris’ CDs Time Flies and Song for Laura.  Together (released in 1985) and Song for Laura (released in 1995) have both been finalists in the folk category of the New Zealand Music Awards. 

Artists’ recordings that Lynne has performed on that are still available for sale include Mike Harding’s landmark album Time on the Road.  Wilkins has also recently worked with Twisted Timber band member Rene Andre on his solo CD, which was released during 2012.

In 2007 Lynne Wilkins completed her CD of original songs, Bead of Glass, which is available for sale as a download from her Reverbnation store and Amplifier, or you can contact Restless Art Publishing to order a CD copy through her Facebook page.  Wilkins is working on songs for her next CD.  Versions of some of these songs appear in the TwistedTimber Reverbnation Store.

Lynne Wilkins currently performs: