Restless performs songs written by Lynne Wilkins.

Music style:  Cruisy acoustic through to folk rock. 


When Lynne Wilkins began to rehearse with friends in 2006 for the recording of her CD Bead of Glass the band Restless was formed.  This band performs Lynne’s original songs.  Band members change depending on the occasion and availability, which keeps the sound fresh and original.

Current band members

Lynne Wilkins:  vocals, guitar, flute (boehm and celtic), whistles

Michael Mackinnon:  vocals, guitar

Rene Andre:  vocals, guitar

Redgie Valente:  vocals, bass

Antonio Karam:  vocals, percussion


...with occasional appearances from guests, including:  Eric Otoka (drums), Sean Reid (electric bass), and Anne Taylor (vocals)

You can contact Restless for bookings through Lynne Wilkins’ Facebook page.

Original songs by Lynne Wilkins have been released on her CD Bead of Glass, you can listen to some of these tracks for free at


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