Twisted Timber


Twisted Timber uses a range of acoustic instruments and voices to create a soundscape of covers and original songs.


Music style:  Acoustic cruisy folk rock jazz country blues...and beyond. 

About Twisted Timber

Twisted Timber hails from Raglan, New Zealand.  Twisted Timber uses a range of acoustic instruments and vocals to back and enhance fresh and lively interpretations of old standards , contemporary covers, and traditional songs. Original songs by Lynne Wilkins and Rene Andre evoke kiwi imagery, from a Humber hot rod to black sand beaches; and explore the human condition (but not always in a serious vein). 

Twisted Timber band members

Lynne Wilkins:  vocals, guitar, flute (boehm and celtic), whistles, harmonica

Michael Mackinnon:  vocals, guitar

Rene Andre:  vocals, guitar

Redgie Valente:  vocals, bass

Antonio Karam:  vocals, percussion or Eric Otoka:  vocals, drums

...with occasional  appearances from guest artists.

If you want to hear demo tracks of some of our covers, or view our current set lists, please get in touch with us through Facebook.


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