Music style:  Contemporary and traditional folk / acoustic music...and beyond

Duo Lynne Wilkins and Michael Mackinnon are based in Raglan, New Zealand, a small west-coast town with a big reputation as a creative community.  Inspired by songs that deliver on both melody and lyrics, WilkieMac will take you on a journey around the globe and spanning the centuries.  The repertoire includes Wilkins’ own compositions, as well as those penned by NZ writers, traditional items, and songs written by internationally acclaimed songerwriters ranging from The Avett Brothers, Van Morrison, Nanci Griffiths, Henry Mancini, Dougie Maclean, and Tracy Chapman, to name a few.  WilkieMac use a variety of instruments and vocal combinations to create a soundscape that will lift and inspire, get you singing along, laughing out loud, or tapping your feet; it will tug at the heartstrings, or draw you along the path of whimsy. 

WilkieMac perform just as a duo, or with a backline (bass, or bass & percussion), and we also work with other artists from time to time, depending on the occasion. 

Find us on Facebook.  If you would like to get in touch, email us at restlessart.co.nz.  (Put in info@ at the beginning of the address).